Services and customs

The Janitor

Our janitor Kari Erinko is available by phone (0400 421977) weekdays between 8 AM and 4 PM. He will help you with all practical issues.

In case you forgot your key...

If you have left your key in your room, Kari can open your door for you during office hours. A cost of 10 euro is charged. In evenings, on weekends and during the janitor's holidays, you are advised to contact Kh-kiinteistöpalvelu Real Estate Service (telephone 020-491 2961). Be prepared to prove your identity and to show your tenancy agreement. For opening your door, Kh-kiinteistöpalvelu charges 30 euros if paid in cash or 50 euros if paid by invoice.

Additional Residents

You are not allowed to accommodate any other people than those mentioned in the tenancy agreement. If you want to share your apartment with your friend or spouse, or if you are having a visitor staying over a longer period of time (for more than seven days), you are to inform the landlord. You will be charged an extra fee of 20 euros per month for the water. Your flatmate does not have to be a student at the Sibelius Academy.

Summer Residents

As a resident at Clavis, you have the possibility of leasing your apartment to a summer resident for the period May-August. Information of this has to be provided in the spring when filling out the summer survey mandatory for all inhabitants in Clavis. With indefinately made tenancy agreements the liability to pay your rent continues until the end of the summer if no summer resident is found. We recommend residents to be active in finding a summer resident for their apartment. All agreements must be made through the manager.

Deposit fee

Before moving to Clavis, you must pay a 450 euro deposit. The money will be returned to you when you move out, provided the apartment has been cleaned and is in immaculate condition. No interest will be paid to the deposit.


Pets are not allowed in Clavis.

The Lift

There is a lift in the building. The lift is big enough for a grand piano (max dimensions 100 x 200 cm). It is prohibited to use the lift during the silent hours because of high noise levels.

Silent Hours

Silent Hours in Clavis are from 10.30 PM to 8 AM. This applies to the whole building, including the basement and the yard area. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, silent hours continue until 10 AM.


You may practice in your own apartment or in the basement's practice rooms on weekdays from 8 AM to 10.30 PM. On weekends and public holidays, practicing is permitted from 10 AM to 10.30 PM. You will find a few upright pianos and a pipe organ in the basement's practice rooms. In the Great hall on the first floor there is a grand piano. You can book it for practising purposes by entering your name in the notebook in the foyer. You are permitted to practice in the Great hall from 9 AM to 10 PM. The Sibelius Academy's P building is located about a kilometre away from Clavis. There you're allowed to practice around-the-clock.

Common Areas

There is a lounge on the first floor in Clavis. Residents are allowed to use the television, digital receiver, DVD player and the two kiosk computers with Internet connection. There is also a free WiFi connection on the first floor as well as a selection of newspapers (Helsingin Sanomat, Hufvudstadsbladet, Kirkko ja kaupunki, Kyrkpressen and Kotimaa).

Internet Connection

There is wireless internet connection in the foyer in Clavis. Residents are also offered the possibility of having an internet connection in their own apartment. The rent includes the Elisa Laajakaista Heti connection with the default speed (1,2 Mbs/600 kbs). For an additional charge, it is possible to get a faster connection (up to 100 Mbs). You can get the required modem from the janitor free of charge. The internet connection requires registering at the Internet Service Provider (Elisa), either in-store or by telephone (050-950 500). In order to register, you need the Cable Mac address, which you will find on the bottom of the cable modem.


There is a cleaning cupboard on each floor in Clavis. There you will find, amongst other things, a vacuum cleaner, a mop and bucket, various detergents, a squeegee, a mote brush and shovel, and a window-opening handle. Mat stands are located in the backyard.

The Kitchen

The common kitchen downstairs may be used by everyone around-the-clock. There you will find two ovens, cookers, a refrigerator, a freezer, and pots and pans. Foods that are left in the refrigerator and the freezer are to be marked with your name. All who use the kitchen must take care of its cleanness.


Residents have the possibility of borrowing basic tableware from the janitor against a 50 euro deposit. Dishes left in the kitchen by residents may be cleaned away and confiscated.

Furniture Store

There is furniture store in the basement. There you will find bed, table, chairs and a drawer at your disposal.

Storage lockers

In the basement, there are small storage lockers for each resident. They are marked with the room number of each apartment. The dimensions of the lockers are about 1m3. Each resident should also type his/her name on the door of the storage locker.


There is also a sauna in the basement which is meant for the residents of Clavis. In the sauna, you should use paper seat covers which are obtained at the entrance to the shower room. The schedule for the sauna is announced on the door of the sauna.


In the basement, there is a laundry with two washing machines and tumble dryers. To reserve a machine you must type your name in the notebook in the foyer. There is also a room with an ironing board, an iron and a mangle.


In the yard, there are eleven marked parking spaces. The spaces closest to the building are reserved for the residents of Clavis. The ones further away are meant for visitors. You may also park your car by the side of the Vanha viertotie road. Contact the janitor if you want to get in queue for a parking space of your own.


Each spring, all residents should tag their bicycles with their initials. Unmarked bicycles will be removed from the yard and repaired for common use. The repaired bicycles will then be lended to residents free of charge.


Smoking is strictly prohibited, including balconies and the yard area.

Emergency number

In the case of immediate danger such as fire, you are to call the emergency telephone number 112. You can dial the number even without talk time or a SIM card in your phone.