Nearby services

Living in Clavis means that you are always surrounded by excellent services, the most important of which are listed below:

Metropolia polytechnics. Student price food on weekdays from 10.30 to 13.30. Read this week's menu here. Address: Vanha viertotie 23. Open in Google Maps.

Restaurant Blancco. Good and diverse buffet with a reasonable price (8,70€). Read the daily menu here ( Blancco café is open on weekdays from 7.30 to 15.00, lunch served on weekdays from 10.30 to 14.00. Address: Pitäjänmäentie 14, ground floor. Open in Google Maps.

Restaurant Pikkuranska. High quality food in Munkkivuori. A la carte lunch served from 10.30 to 15.00 (6,00-8,70€). See the menu here ( Address: Ulvilantie 19. Open in Google Maps.

Pub Frendi. Nice and cosy bar just around the corner. Open Frendi's homepage here. ( Address: Vanha viertotie 10. Open daily from 9 am to 2 am. Open in Google Maps.

Hauler and Kotipizza. Two pizza places across the road. Hauler serves pizza, steaks and kebab at Vihdintie 15, open on weekdays from 10 to 22, weekends from 11 to 22. Open in Google Maps. Kotipizza's address: Vihdintie 13, open on weekdays from 11 to 20.15. Open in Google Maps.

Mr. Lau. A Chinese restaurant on Vihdintie, open until late night. Lunch on weekdays from 10.30 to 15. See the menu here ( Address: Vihdintie 3-5. Open in Google Maps.

Siwa. The corner store within walking range from Clavis. Address: Vihdintie 7. Open Mon-Sat from 07 to 23 and on Sunday from 09 to 23. Open in Google Maps.

Florist Piilola. Right next to Mr.Lau and Siwa, Piilola also got a good internet store. Address: Vihdintie 3-5. Open in Google Maps.

R-kiosk. Right next to Mr.Lau and Siwa. You can also load your travel card here, and receive Ärrä-paketti mail packages.

Restaurant Musta Hevonen. Long traditions and high quality kitchen. Specializes in seafood and has a diverse marine buffet (28€). Address: Vanha viertotie 18, Open on weekdays from 11 to 15, on Sundays from 12 to 18 and other times by request. Open in Google Maps.

Shell Helmisimpukka. A gas station and grocery store, open 24/7. Address: Vihdintie 21. Open in Google Maps.

McDonald's ja ABC. Fast food and a gas station/grocery store next to each other. McDonald's address: Vanha viertotie 29. Open on weekdays from 10 to 23 and weekends from 11 to 23. ABC's address: Vanha viertotie 31. Open every day from 06 to 24. Open in Google Maps.

Munkkivuori shopping mall. A small shopping mall, one kilometre from Clavis. Two big grocery stores: K-market with a broad quality selection, S-market with a more narrow but cheaper selection. Alko (liquor store), shoemaker, post office, barber, R-kiosk, florist, shoeshop, bookshop, restaurant and take-away pizza restaurant. In the summertime there are also mushrooms and wild berries sold by the stores. Banks: Nordea, Aktia, Helsingin OP. Private medical centre Dextra. Next to the mall there is Munkkivuori church and the headquarters of OP-Pohjola bank and insurance company. Address: Raumantie 1. Open in Google Maps.

Pitäjänmäki shopping mall. A grocery store with reasonable prices and good selection. Also has got an Alko (liquor store) and R-kiosk in the same building. In the summertime there are also mushrooms and wild berries sold by the store. Address: Takomotie 33. Open in Google Maps.

Munkkivuori church and Huopalahti church. Evangelic-Lutheran services in Munkkivuori church on Sun at 11 (in Swedish 9.30). In Huopalahti church service on Sun at 10. See more at homepages: Munkkivuori ( ja Huopalahden seurakuntien ( and Petrus församling in Swedish ( sivuilta. Munkkivuori church in Google Maps. Huopalahti church in Google Maps.

Tali sports centre and recreational areas. A wide range of sports facilities (tennis, golf, soccer, bowling, pool/snooker). Address: Huopalahdentie 28. Open in Google Maps.

Sats and Elixia. Two gyms with a wide range of sports and well-being services. Sats's offering here: ( (address: kutomotie 2, open in Google Maps) and Elixias's here ( (address: Kutomokuja 4, open in Google Maps).

Filmtown. A big DVD rental serves until late night at Valimotie 2. Discount with the student card. Open in Google Maps.

SYK swimming hall. A 25 m pool and a children's pool. Address: Isonnevantie 8. Open Mon-Fri 6.30-08 and 16-20, Sat 9-15, Sun 10-15. Open in Google Maps.

Central Park. Near Clavis there is the largest recreational area of Helsinki, Central Park. There are about 100 km of small walking roads there, part of them used by cross country skiing in the winter. In the southern end of the park, there is the Laakso horse riding stadium. Pirkkola sports park is also part of the Central Park, and there are a large sports field, swimming hall and other sports halls there. Open in Google Maps.

The P house. The P house is the Sibelius Academy building nearest to Clavis (1km). It's easy to use whenever you want to practice with Steinway grand pianos late at night or when you need to use the Academy computers. Address: Kutomotie 9. Avaa Google mapsissa.

ATM / cash machine. The nearest ATMs are in the Munkkivuori shopping mall (Raumantie 1, open in Google Maps), Pitäjänmäki at Takomotie 33 (open in Google Maps) and at the ending stop of the tram no. 10, next to the K-market Kaarnikka, address Puutarhurinkuja 2 (open in Google Maps).

Mailbox. The nearest mailbox to Clavis is next to Siwa, address Vihdintie 7. Open in Google Maps.

Kopioniini. Near Clavis there is also Kopioniini that  offers copying and printing services. Address: Höyläämötie 2 Open in Google Maps.

YTHS. If you get sick / become ill, you can turn to YTHS Student Health Care, address Töölönkatu 37. Open in Google Maps. You can also use private  Med Centre Dextra 24/7. ( Osoite: Raumantie 1 a. Open in Google Maps.

Pharmacist's. The nearest pharmacist's is near the Munkkivuori shopping mall,  next to the medical centre Dextra. Address Raumantie 1a. Open in Google Maps.