The Clavis Council

The Clavis Council is selected at the annual General Meeting held at the beginning of each academic year. The inhabitants choose amidst them the representatives for the Board of the Sibelius Academy Student Housing Foundation that owns Clavis.

The Clavis Council decides about common policies, deals with initiatives by the inhabitants and monitors compliance with rules and regulations. The Council is also responsible for arranging the Christmas and Spring parties as well as enhancing the welfare of the inhabitants in any other ways.

The manager, the janitor and the chairman of the Clavis Council meet on a regular basis to take care of everyday issues at Clavis. The best way to influence the decision-making at Clavis is an active participation within the Council.

The Clavis Council 2010–2011

Jere Martikainen: chairman, sauna master, 2nd floor monitor and fuse changer
Jussi Rauvola: vice chairman, member of the board
Wilhelm Kvist: vice member of the board
Riikka Pellinen: vice member of the board, advertiser
Christoffer Isaksson: secretary
Ingrit Vaher: treasurer, kitchen master
Firat Aktav: international students
Juho Kivivuori: 1st floor monitor, fuse changer
Tuomas Saloniemi: 3rd floor monitor, fuse changer
Anna Karjula: 4th floor monitor, fuse changer
Henriikka Teerikangas: member of the Clavis council
Seunghee Lee: member of the Clavis council
Airi Lahtinen: member of the Clavis council