Applying to Clavis

You may apply for residency as soon as you have been accepted as a student of the Sibelius Academy. All applications by old students handed in by 30 May 2014 are dealt with in the middle of June. All applications by new students and exchange students handed in by 30 June 2014 are dealt with at the beginning of July. Applications by old students handed in by 30 June are dealt with at the beginning of July.

All applicants will be informed personally. Unsuccessful applications will be placed in a queue valid for the Autumn, after which the application may be renewed.

Rents are preliminarily set to be about 435 euros for a smaller room (18 m2) and 556 euros for a larger room (23 m2).  For two people in the shared room the rent is 20 euros more.

In the summer monts, we accept applications for summer residency by students as well as non-students. If you apply for summer residency, you are most likely to get an apartment for the period May-August, sometimes you might be able to get one for April and September as well.

When applying to Clavis, follow these steps:

1. Fill out the application form on our website (separate forms for students of the Sibelius Academy and summer applicants). You may send the required attachments via email, mail, fax or as scanned documents with your electronic application.

2. Once you've been accepted as a tenant, pay the deposit of 450 euros by the due date.

3. Come and sign the tenancy agreement.

4. Agree on a time with the janitor to collect your keys.

The tenancy agreements are made either indefinitely or for a fixed-term period. Indefinite contracts last over the summer period without interruption, if no summer resident is found. If you have a fixed-term contract, you are obliged to pay your rent until the end of the rental period. For compelling reasons, lease contracts may be terminated prematurely. However, notice must be given by either part one month in advance.

If you cannot get an apartment from Clavis, it's worth applying at The Foundation For Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (HOAS).

NB! If you lived in Clavis before the modernization and have not collected your deposit of 320 euros, you are kindly asked to notify us on the applicationform and pay the difference of 130 euros in order to raise the deposit to the current level (450 euros).

Welcome to Clavis!